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Rubber Park - An industry friendly concept
Though Kerala accounts for almost 90% of the total natural rubber produced in the country, number of rubber based industries in the State with real value addition is very much limited.

Surpassing even the wildest dreams of its promoters, Rubber Park has made a big leap forward by establishing its Research wing J J Murphy Research Centre dedicated totally to the service for the industry.

This Centre is being developed as a Centre of Excellence doing industry driven research ! It is a Centre for the much coveted Industry Institution Interaction

It works in tandem with the :

Indian Rubber Research Institute, Kottayam, Indian Rubber Institute, Kolkotta, School of Chemical Sciences, M G University, Kottayam & Dept of Polymer Science & Rubber Technology of CUSAT

Benefits to Industry

The Centre is for the all out promotion of Rubber Industry irrespective whether it is a micro, small, medium or large one.

The problems and aspirations of the industry are no more of the industry alone, they are ours too !

If you as an industrialist have a problem with your process or product, we the J J MRC are here to help you to shoot them down by continuous research and analysis both at your unit and at our facility.

We will only be more than happy to develop :

New/better process, products, better quality control &assurance schemes, Improvisation of the existing process/products/methodology/maintenance scheme

Quality certifications

  • Any polymer product could be analyzed and certified whether they conform to any particular / desired international standards at J J MRC.
  • We are an approved testing and certification centre for the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO)
  • We are in the process of completing legal formalities to obtain international accreditation

Testing Equipments available at J J MRC

  1. Rubber Process Analyser (Alpha Technologies, USA)
  2. Universal Testing Machine (Instron, UK)
  3. Abrasion Tester (Baresis, Germany)
  4. Viscometer (Brookfield, USA)
  5. Dunlop Tripsometer (Wallace, UK)
  6. De Matta Flex Tester (Gibitre, Italy)
  7. Hardness Tester (Bresis, Germany)
  8. Heat Build up Tester (Techpro, Alpha Technologies, USA)
  9. Electronic Blanies (Sartorius, Japan)
  10. Densimeter (Alfamirage, Japan)
  11. Compression Set Apparatus (Wallace, UK)
  12. Mechanical Stability Tester (Secomak, UK)
  13. Multi Cellular Ageing Oven, Air Oven
  14. Plastimeter (Wallace, UK)
  15. Centrifuging Machine (Remi)
  16. Ballmill, Hydraulic Press, Mixing Mill, Muffle Furnace, Rubber Extruder, 3 Roll Calendar, Mechanical Stirrer, PH Meter IR Lamp

Tests conducted at J J MRC

  1. Latex
  2. DRC, TSC, Ammonia content, VFA KoH No. MST, Sludge Coagulum, Magnesium, Brookfield Viscocity, PH Concentrated Latex complete analysis.

  3. Chemical Test
  4. Dispersion analysis, Zinc Oxide purity, Melting point, Aniline point, specific gravity etc

  5. Dry Rubber Test
  6. Compound preparation, Scotch time, Cure time, Tensile properties, Tear strength, Hardness (Shore A, Shore D, Shore O), compression Set, Rebound Resilience, Abrasion resistance, Heat buildup, Demattia Flexing, Adhesion strength comparative evaluation of polymer/filler/rubber, chemical/other additives, Acetone extractable Rubber hydro carbon content, Ash contents, Tensity of Conventional Tread, PCTR, Bonding Gum, Black Vulcanizing cement Hawai, Tyre Flap, latex adhesives, Estimation of Carbon black, Polymer Identification Sweil Index, Testing of surgical gloves etc ageing studies peel strength QLSS, Compression strength etc.

Training Programmes

J J Murphy Research Centre is keen on the development of Human Resources. We offer regular courses for the Diplomates, Graduates and Post Graduates in Rubber / Polymer technology in compounding, mixing, extrusion, quality control/assurances, high end testing machines etc.

We also do have regular training programme for candidates sponsored by the industry and also tailor made courses on specific request/needs of the industry.

We have conducted the following programmes :

  • Two International Conferences on the latest developments in Polymer & Rubber Technology (APT 2010&LaP 2010)
  • Training Programme on Tyre Technology
  • Training Programme on Tyre Technology for the Dept of Science & Technology, Thailand
  • Advanced Programme in Bangkok for the DST Thailand
  • Training Programme on Tyre Technology for delegates from the Dept of Industry, Srilanka

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