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Tender No. Tender Name Opening Date Closing Date  
1 RPE-01/2015 Installation of ABT Meter and related modification of 110 kV substation of Rubber Park 13-01-2015 23-01-2015 Tender Notice
2 RP/C/01/15 Repair and maintenance works 23-02-2015 03-03-2015 Tender Notice
3 RP/C/02/15 Construction of sludge storage shed 29-05-2015 12-06-2015 Tender Notice
4 RP/C/03/15 Tender for Construction of Waste Water Collection tank and other works 29-05-2015 12-06-2015 Tender Notice
5 RP/M/01/15 TENDER FOR HIRING OF CAR ON CONTRACT BASIS 16-07-2015 27-07-2015 Tender Notice

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